• Digital Art

  • Emmy Award Winning VR Artist

  • 20+ Years of Experience

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Concept to Execution

Creative | CG Generalist | VR/AR

Emmy Award winning VR artist currently working on projects as an XR content creator, 3D artist, programmer and indie game developer.


Creative thinker with an imaginative vision who enjoys pushing concepts in innovative ways.


Creates high quality 3D real time and precomputed renders, used across various mediums including: VR/AR, print, web, and motion design.


C sharp Programming in Unity for indie game development and project prototyping.


3D Modeling

Autodesk MAYA: Hard surface modeling, props, environment, and retopoloy.
Zbrush and Mudbox: Sculpting characters, knowledge of proportion and anatomy.
Houdini: Focusing on procedural modeling for a nondestructive workflow.


Substance Painter, Mudbox and Photoshop: UV editing, Texturing props, environment and characters. Photo conceptualization, editing, retouching and manipulation.


Autodesk MAYA: Rigging and skinning, key frame animation, retargeting and cleaning motion capture data. Dynamic simulation.


Unity: Polygon count and draw call optimization for real time production in VR and AR. Scene Layout and light baking.

C sharp: Coding for indie gaming development.

Motion Design

After effect and Premiere: Motion design and video editing.


Thomas Meduri

With a background in art and design, knowledge in the latest trends, along with expertise in computer programs, Thomas creates original work for a wide range of satisfied clients.