Octopus Bar VR

Thomas Meduri 2017

Octopus Bar room scale VR game is a first level intro for players of all levels and with over 94% positive reviews on Steam Store.

I worked in various aspects of this project, including 3D modeling, sculpting, retopology, rigging, and animation. For instance, I have created props in Maya, modeled creatures using ZBrush, and simulated tentacles using Ncloth. To bring these models to life, I have used animation key framing in Maya.

Unity was used for the development. I have worked on coding interactive gameplay mechanics using C sharp. I also worked on the layout and lighting, which helped to create an immersive game environment

Playing the game

Watch these YouTubers play Octopus bar from all around the world.

Software used:

Autodesk Maya


Substance Painter