Octopus Bar VR

Thomas Meduri 2017

Octopus Bar VR game is an experience for players of all levels with over 94% positive reviews on the Steam Store.

Octopus Bar is an original concept I created in the early days of VR to explore the capabilities of this new technology. I worked on various aspects of this project, including storyline & concept, 3D modeling, sculpting, rigging, and animation. I created props in Maya, modeled creatures using ZBrush, and simulated tentacles using Ncloth. I also worked on the layout and lighting, which helped to create an immersive game environment and lastly to bring it all together, I key framed the animation in Maya.

I coded interactive gameplay mechanics using C sharp in Unity.

Playing the game

Watch these YouTubers play Octopus bar from all around the world.

Software used:

Autodesk Maya


Substance Painter