Magic Leap 2022
Lead Visual Artist

Wildfire simulation demo using the power of AR to transform firefighter training.

I developed an early prototype for the fire map application in which I integrated interactive functionalities and procedural animations to clearly demonstrate its concept, capabilities, and designs for the end-users. I utilized a procedural workflow and coded animations and interactions to ensure that the application could be easily modified and that assets could be reused. In addition to this, I also worked on shader development, VFX, and 3D modeling to ensure that the prototype was visually engaging and effective.

During the production phase, I was given the responsibility of visually representing the spread of wildfires and weather patterns. This involved the development of the art direction for the wildfire, its smoke, and the movement of wind. One of the key aspects of the project was to create a non-destructive pipeline that would allow for changes in the art direction with ease. Additionally, I was tasked with developing VFX and Shader systems that would enable me to control the spread, shape, and other various aspects of the fire, smoke, and wind. Throughout the process, I focused on striking a balance between having a visually stunning representation while also ensuring good optimization for performance.

Made with:


C Sharp