• Experience in realtime rendering, modeling, animation and programming for classic and Virtual Reality Content
• Art direction in all aspect of the project, from conception to execution..
• 20+ years experience working in the computer graphic field.
• Ability to constantly adapt, learn and improve skills, tools, and work flow.
• Clear comprehension of clients demands, executing quality work, while maintaining tight deadlines.
• Overview of the entire 3D scene process including modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, compositing and post-production.
• Ability to animate with mixed techniques 3D and 2D for Motion Design and Special Effects.
• Photography, retouching, and image manipulation.
• Video editing.

• Autodesk Maya
• Unity 3D
• Substance Painter
• Autodesk Mudbox
• Pixologic Zbrush
• C Sharp
• Side FX Houdini
• Adobe After Effect
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Premiere
• Adobe Illustrator



2017-Present | VRNOVO

Consultant  | New York City

Provides consultations and development of immersive experiences and production services from concept to the finished product. Projects include: VR game Octopus Bar, The Raleigh: Under sea

2015-2019 | NYU Future Reality Lab

VR Consultant & Lead Artist  | New York City

NYU  | Mary and the Monster

Showcased at Siggraph 2019, Mary and the Monster is a shared AR experience that brings to life “Frankenstein” through the eyes of a young Mary Shelley using Parallux technology and the Magic Leap One. Responsible for establishing the graphics pipeline which included, art directing, working with Motion Capture OptiTrack and Faceware, keyframing, 3D modeling, rigging/skinning, texturing, lighting.

NYU  | Cave

Winner of “Best Art Paper” at Siggraph 2018 and showcased at Tribeca Immersive 2019. Cave is a VR, large collocated audience, untethered, room scale experience using the Google Mirage Solo headset. Responsible for establishing the graphics pipeline which included, art directing, motion capture with OptiTrack and Faceware, keyframing, 3D modeling, rigging, skinning, texturing, lighting. Showcased at Siggraph 2018.

NYU | Holojam In Wonderland

Holojam In Wonderland Responsible for 3D assets.

NYU | To Be With Hamlet

To Be With Hamlet Showcased at the Tribeca Film Festival. Responsible for 3D assets. 

2016-2017  | Scatter

Independent VR Consultant & Lead Artist  | Brooklyn, NY

Zero Days VR is an Emmy® Award winning VR experience based on the documentary Zero Days examining the Stuxnet computer virus. VR Lead Artist on Zero Days with Scatter. Work included: Art direction, solving technical Issues, modeling, keyframe animation, dynamic animation, texturing, layout, lighting composition, testing.

2008-2016 | Medto

Freelancer  | Casablanca, Morocco

Full service studio from concept to finished product, Specializing in high-end 3D Computer Graphics, animation, and photo retouching for advertising, institutional, architectural, and events (print, web, and motion). Clients include: JTI, Drive Dentsu, JWT, DDB.

2007-2008  | Videorama

3D Generalist  | Casablanca Morocco

3D Generalist for motion broadcast advertising. In charge of hard surfaces and organic modeling, animation, lighting and rendering. 


ETPA Ecole de photographie et game design – Toulouse, France 2004
Independent and continuing studies in the field of computer graphic.


Emmy® Awards Thomas Meduri, Lead VR Artist
2017 news & documentary outstanding new approaches: documentary
“Zero Days VR” Scatter

Equal forces personal project published in the following magazines:
Image of the week –
Desert avatar illustration featured on the cover of a 3d french paper magazine 3d mag –


Fluent in French and English
Photography skills
Anatomy skills
Computer hardware knowledge