The Raleigh : Under sea VR

Client: The Rockefeller foundation
Position: Director – Lead Artist

Taking place during Miami Art Basel 2016, The Raleigh Under Sea is a Virtual Reality experience to help explain the global crisis of climate change, particularly centered around South Beach, Florida.

The 3 part VR Experience, powered by the HTC Vive Headset and developed in collaboration with Project 0 and the Rockefeller Foundation, took participants on a visual journey where they will witness first hand the direct effects of climate change in Florida.
During the immersive demonstration, participants watched as Florida is overtaken by rising sea levels and catastrophic storms.
While standing in the same location of the VR experience, user’s perceived that their exact location is flooding until they are completely submerged under water.
The Raleigh Under Sea provided users with a visceral understanding of the devastating effects climate change is having on our world.

Software Used:

Autodesk Maya


Adobe Photoshop